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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Did you notice ?

When I logged on to stardoll today I saw this, and I was like: Stardoll is pretty awsome, ;p it's cool cuz you can see what's new and see new people from the start page !

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Avril Lavigne clothes !

So ... I was browsing the web, and then I saw this link to buy these cool Avril Lavigne clothes.. The great thing is that they are not due to come out in starplaza until 2 weeks ..But you can have the whole collection .. Great thing is that they are for non-supertars !, Look at the collection down:

And look at the ones that I like from the collection:

If you can't wait for them to come out then open this site: http://www.stardoll.com/en/starplaza.php?startItemIds=20983,20981,20980,20984,20985,20986,20987,20988,20989,20990,20991,20992,20993,20994,20982 and they will take you to starplaza and everything will be in your shopping bag !
Enjoy ..

Wierd massage !

Did stardoll send you this ?

I don't know what it says but it's weird ! Totally wierd
Sweetgirltalk, WAIT ! Check out the posts down for free stuff ..

Monday, August 10, 2009

The necklace thing ..

When do you think stardoll is gonna make the necklaces go behind the hair .. Not on top of it ??

Just wondering ..

P.S: Tell me what do you think of the new blog kind and the kind of topics I post .. Comment please .. ThanX

Same doll ?

I was browsing stardoll as ussaul looking for something to post, and then I found than Ashley Tisdale 3 and 4 are the same but the quality is just a little better look above .. Don't you think so ?

Free dog !

So ..

Go to :

After that scroll down a little bit and write:

Log in ..

after that choose a dog ..But choose carefully cuz you can only pick one .. In my opinion Juliet is the best ..

Then log on to your real account on stardoll.com and voila ! It will be there by your mirror .. Or the former place if you moved it ..

Enjoy ..

Clean a room with 2 clicks !

Well, sorry for the late post but for some of you guys you havn't noticed the you can clean your room two clicks !

1. Click on the storage books ..

2.Then click on the small botton to the right ..
There .. And click yes and you will have a clean room full of .. Nothing !
Hehe .. Enjoy ..

The lucky cat

Do you know the lucky cat that you can buy as a gift for your friends in stardoll ? If you don't then look above ..
I was in Bristol doing some shopping and then I saw the real one and I was like: This is the lucky cat ! And I told my sister to take a photo of it and I edited it .. And showed it to you in this post ..
So what'dya think ?
Sweetgirltalk ..

15 free stuff !!

So, some of the other blogs might say that the mooncare items don't work anymore..
But they do .. On proxy sites, now I think that the best site for items is:

Here are the steps:

Enter the first site scroll down a little bit then write the first URL after that it will take you to a stardoll page, login and then it will take you to your suite ..
If it does then it's ok .. After that write the second URL, it will take you to your suite too ..

Then keep doing that until you finish the 15 items or choose the items you want:



Cake plate


Piano chair


Crystal ball









After you finish go to your real stardoll suite at stardoll.com/ and then you will see gifts from the stardoll admin ..

Enjoy ..

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Free stuff: HM, Bandslam and Ashley Tisdale.

Hi there ..
<< (Sorry, not everything is in this picture)
Anyway, the free stuff are:
If you are not from the UK first you have to go to any proxy like:
Free guitar, Aly, and vanessa if you visit this:

And free hannah montana stuff if you join this club at this URL:

Free Ashley Tisdale stuff,Join the club and answer the poll:

Hope you enjoy .. =D