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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Le is out!!

LE is out!! Click here to go to the store:

- I personally don't like it that much, pricey for nothing.

Free Vanessa dress

.. From the Saturdays!!
Just go to the link below, enter the competition and you will have it as a gift in your suite x]
xox Sweetgirltalk

Free Flower vase =D

To get it just go to the following campaign page and click and buy, and if you want it again click and buy and again ... .XD

Free Aurora Dress & Alicia shoes.

Hi everyone!! ,,
* Poland is getting lots of stuff lately :D
So, to get it (BTW if you already had the dress and sold it, then you can't get it again) just follow these steps:
- Go to any Polish proxy such as:
- Put this in the adress bar:
- Log in
- Erase the previous one and put this one instead:
- Wait for about one minute.

YOU will have it in your suite.

Friday, August 27, 2010

CC glitch

A 5/5 lol glitch from Stardoll! XD!! Miss CC got her head re-located by the Stardoll Staff (Apparently).. It's soo funny! I hope stardoll fixes it soon :P Here's the link to her suite & see for yourself:

New "Stardoll" and the city shop + A "Shopping Pose"

A serious -_-'' about the shop's name .. XD Now here are my "Opinion Statics" .. (New thing :P)
1- Price: 40SD for a frekin' dress!! That's ridiculous! & the lowest item price & only non-ss items (As far as I can tell) is 5SD for the lime bracelet .. And besides, I don't think some of the items are worth it.

2- Items: If you're a series fanatic then you can say the items are pretty sweet, but if you're not (Like me) then some of you may say: What The Hell!! <>
Umm , I think I've said enough . How about YOU ? What do you think about the "Stardoll" and the city shop ??!

Now about the shopping pose.. Before you get excited it's for 4SD but for SS. Various colors that (To a point) matches the medoll's color .. To get them in your dressing room just click below:
Shopping Pose

(Thanks to USD)

Spoilers of Today!!

Well.. Today it's pretty obvious that the spoilers are from Sex and the City2 ..

I guess I might buy somethings, but how about you ?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Free EcoGirl Jacket!!

To get it just follow these steps:
1- Go to any Polish proxy such as:
2- Put this in the adress bar of the proxy:
3- Log in
4- Put this one instead:http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=548

5- You will have it in your suite!
PS: Notice that little German Flag on the right side.. What do you think that's about ?

New Dot in Spoilers!

No, they're not the ones from Yesterday if that's what you're thinking .. :P. Here they are ^

-What do you think ? w0ud u b buy!n' ?

New Sunny Bunny!!

Well. Well.

- It's actually nice, but they didn't put much items & No Nail Polish :''(!! XD

- What do you think ? Would you be buying ?, and did your ideas get in the store ?

Oh and it is on me who thinks that the I scream shirt is the same icon on the Ice-Cream shirt in IdentiTee ?

Leave a comment telling me what YOU think!

Free Items!! (2 Actually)

Well, we've got a free perfume (Forbidden Rose by Avril Lavigne) & Free Camp Rock 2 items

1- To get the free perfume, just follow the steps below:
^ Go to any US proxy such as:
^ Put this in the adress bar: http://www.stardoll.com/en
^ Log in
^ Wait for about 1 minute
^ You will have it in your suite.

2- To get the free camp rock items:-

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Free Amy Dress!

Very pretty and ellegant, to get it just follow the steps below:
1- Go to any Polish Proxy such as:
2- Put this in the adress bar:
3- Log in
4- Put this one instead:

5- Wait a little, then you will have it in your suite.

Free Forbidden Dress!

From Avril Lavigne!!
To get it follow these steps EXACTLY:
1- Go to THIS specific US proxy:

2- Put this in the adress bar: http://www.stardoll.com/en/cinema
3- Click on the Forbidden Rose video (Thanks anonymous)

3- Wait for about 1 Minute or so & then you will have it in your suite. PS: Actually watch the whole video.

Spoilers of Today!!

These are the spoilers of Today & there were a couple of clothes but they already got released today into the Miss Stardoll World Store! ;) What do you think ?

Monday, August 23, 2010

T-Full Spoilers

I like alot of them, =P Espcially that I Justin Bieber one XD .. & I just looove POP!. Probably a new Floor in IdentiTee!. Hopefully most of the Tee's or all of them will be for our non-ss buddies.

- What do you think, whould you be buying any ?

Tell Me What You Think In The Comments!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Free Saillor / School outfit.

1) Go to any Polish proxy such as:

2) Put this in the adress box:

3) Log in to Stardoll

3) Put this instead:

6) Wait a little and then you will have it in your suite.

- Don't forget to change your password & delete your history to be safe.

Free Basket with apples!

Yum, too bad I can't eat it =P
Nice & chic .. To get it just follow these steps:
Go to any German or Finnish proxy such as http://www.german-proxy.de/
2. Put this in the adress box: http://www.stardoll.com/plcontest/view.php?id=532
3. Log in.
4. After you have logged in remove the previous adress and put this one instead: http://www.stardoll.com/plcontest/finish.php?id=532

- Change your password and delete your history, just to be safe. :-)
PS: Thanks to Hailyne

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Spoilers + New Sunny Bunny Collection!!

Hey everyone!. Look at the spoilers today, They're nothing special .. What do you think ? Oh and that little circle in the spoilers picture is for sure a new play and earn game :D
Now about the New Sunny Bunny collection .. You're gonna get "Bunnyfied". Stardoll is asking YOU for suggestions for the new sunny bunny collection, to put your suggestion just go here and scroll to the bottom of the page and then write your opinion with your name "Stardoll or real (optional or both)", email and webpage "Optional"

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Free Dog!

Remember him from the freebie spoilers ?
- He's pretty simple to adopt XD:
[̲̲̅̅.̲̲̅̅] Go to any UK proxy such as;
[̲̲̅̅.̲̲̅̅] Put this in the adress bar:
[̲̲̅̅.̲̲̅̅] Log in
[̲̲̅̅.̲̲̅̅] Write anything in the boxes or don't write anything at all
[̲̲̅̅.̲̲̅̅] Click enter competition
[̲̲̅̅.̲̲̅̅] You will have him as a gift in your suite.


PPQ spoilers or not! :)

Not much to say, what do you think ?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Free Camp Rock Hat & Guitar!

- Told ya we'd have a freebie attack XD!! To get them in your Starplaza dressing room just go here: Free CR Hat & Guitar

Miss Stardoll World 2010 now in Stardoll!

To go the campaign page just click here: Miss Stardoll World

- When you want to join you have to write your name, age, why you should win and how to describe your style. :)

A contest that spans several countries over several months of voting, ultimately crowning Miss Stardoll World 2010. It’s not about beauty or how you look in a bikini, it’s about you and the fabulous Stardoll world you create!

Country finals will be held in Oct, consisting of 18 hand-picked finalists from each of the 18 countries. 1 winner from each will go forward to the Miss Stardoll World Grand Final in Nov. The doll with the most votes in the final will be crowned Miss Stardoll World 2010!

Miss Stardoll World Grand Prize:
- Free Superstar Membership for 1 Full Year!
- Monumental Miss Stardoll World 2010 Sash
- Majestic Miss Stardoll World 2010 Crown
- 1000 Shiny Stardollars
- A gorgeous wardrobe filled with glamorous outfits, fit for Miss Stardoll World!

Miss Stardoll Country Winners/World Finalists:
- Free Superstar Membership - 1 Month
- Miss Stardoll Crown and Sash for your specific country
- 500 Shiny Stardollars

Miss Stardoll Country Finalists:
- 100 Shiny Stardollars

Around mid Oct we will announce 18 finalists for your country. You will then be able to vote (on this very page) on who you think should go to the Miss Stardoll World Final in Nov.

To enter, you must be a Stardoll that has:
1. A valid account with a confirmed email address

2. A good clean Stardoll account (no spam, warnings, bad behavior)

3. At least 200 Starpoints

4. A style and Suite that ROCKS!

5. One active club

6. One adopted animal from our endangered species campaign

And you must live in one of the following countries:

USA, UK, Poland, Ireland, France, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Netherlands, Turkey, Portugal, Finland, Russia, Spain, Greece, Saudi Arabia.

If you live in the Rest of the World, you can still go through to the Grand Final via the separate Wildcard Contest (to be held at a later date) so stay tuned!

Over the next few weeks we will be checking all your suites and selecting 18 finalists for each country, so make sure you’re dolled up! Finalists will be announced in October, so keep checking this page and your messages!

Your question not answered? Just head on over to the
Miss Stardoll FAQ!

- I entered for the Wildcard contest, would you be voting for me ? XD I know it's a no :P. But seriously! How would you vote for ? XD

New Spoilers (◑‿◐)

Hey everyone-Fab Stardoller!.
- Long time no see spoilers right ? (◑﹏◐) .. Well, here they are below with .. OTHER XD

✿ We have the clothing spoilers (I put the filmstrip as an effect :P), they're few but I like the bag and the white dress.

❀ Might be new interior or a background for the Miss Stardoll World campaign (
?), or might be a store background ! Infinite possiblities .. What do you think it is ?

❁The spoilers below might be a sign of BIG FREEBIE ATTACK!! From Videos or competitions .. I'm not sure, all we have to do is wait and see :)

What do you think ?
Rate 'em even if you hate 'em :)

New IdentiTee Floor!

Very cute! Can you guess what are they ??? .. *Drum Roll* They're the smilies used in the Clubs!! :P Some are superstar some are not & what's good about them is that they all cost 2 Stardollars only!! =P
(◕‿-) What do you think about them ?

Update about the MSW competiton!!

Here's what they had to say:

The feedback for MSW2010 has been overwhelming so far, so a big thanks to everyone for all your blog comments, likes on facebook and tweets. Here are a few of the most popular questions we’ve received so far…

How do I enter?

In the next day or so, the Miss Stardoll World page will go live on stardoll.com. You will be able to enter there at a click of a button.

Can boys enter the contest?

Yes of course, boys can enter too!

Why is my country not on the list?

We have limited the number of participating countries so that we have enough time to check out the ‘Suite Style’ of all the creative participants. We hope that all of you dollies out there enjoy this event and help us make it bigger next year!

Can I be Miss Stardoll World if my country is not on the list?

Actually, yes you can! In October we will introduce a separate Miss Stardoll World WILDCARD contest for the rest of the world, where winners will go directly through to the Miss Stardoll World Final. More details on the Wildcard Contest will be introduced at a later date.

Do I have to be Superstar to enter?

No everybody can enter, both Superstars and Non-Superstars!

How do you select the country finalists?

We can´t give away all of the Stardoll jury secrets, but we can tell you that the most important thing is to be a good Stardoll member. Be creative and active on the site, adhere to the code of conduct by having a clean Stardoll account (no spam, warnings, bad behavior) – and amazing style of course!

What do I do after I have entered?

Make sure that your MeDoll and Suite is all dolled up. We will be busy the next couple of months checking all your suites (yes ALL of them) and selecting 18 finalists for each country. The finalists will be announced around the middle of October. While you´re waiting, please check out the special Miss Stardoll World Collection in Starplaza, and visit the Miss Stardoll World Club to find out the latest contest gossip.

Will the special Miss Stardoll World Collection in Starplaza be available to all countries?


If your question hasn’t been answered here, just ask away and we will update the FAQ.

(≧◡≦) I actually feel alot happier now, will you jazz up your doll and sweeten up your suite ? Waiting for YOUR feedback.

xo Sweetgirltalk

Monday, August 16, 2010

MissWorld Stardoll ..BUT! Not exactly

:'/ Damn you stardoll! I mean .. You name it Miss Stardoll World but then not ALL of the countries compete ?!! Very Fair and Honest .. I'm steaming right now, but you don't know what I'm talking about so read this then tell me what you think in the comments:

We at the Official Stardoll Blog are pretty nosey by nature, so accumulating secret details about the upcoming Miss Stardoll World 2101 contest was no problemo! So via a source of whispers and candy bribes, here’s what we know so far…

Stardolls from any of the following countries will be able to compete. USA, UK, Poland, Ireland, France, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Netherlands, Turkey, Portugal, Finland, Russia, Spain, Greece, Saudi Arabia.
18 Stardolls from each of these countries will be hand-picked for the local finals to be held in October. We hear our judges are scouting for finalists already, so make sure your Suite is sweet and your MeDoll is dolled-up!
1 winner from each country will go through to the Miss Stardoll World Final at the end of the year.
Prizes have not been confirmed, but we’re hearing a 1 Year Superstar Membership for the overall winner, plus tons of SDs and glamorous outfits. Oh, and of course a majestic crown and sash!

We believe more information will be released at some point this week, so keep an eye on the blog and your message inboxes for news regarding Stardoll’s most bold and lavish contest ever.

>:[ Leave your comments below

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramadan Calender day 5

Still nothing for free as matter of fact .. What do you think ?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

IdentiTee's out!!

Hey Guys and Gals!

- A new Store on the block, which is IdentiTee! It's pretty nice, obviously I like it ,& Most importantly its' cheap and some items are for non-ss!! Even cheaper than Basics!! ;)) I'm gonna buy most of the store!

- How about you ? What do you think ?

xox- Sweetgirltalk

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Update (Day 2)


- Nothing new today except for spoilers (I'll try to post them before going to Starplaza XD Because I'm kind of in a rush), & today's calender item is an "Arabic Red Cushion" . Well, I'm assuming they mean the ones we use in "Majlas". & by "Majlas" I mean a place where a family sits together or guys get together .. Something among those lines XD

W-H-A-T do you think ?

Free Car! ;) + RC update

Hey everyone,

Enough JibberJabber let's start. To get the free car just follow these simple steps:

1- Go to an US proxy such as: http://www.daveproxy.com or http://www.myproxy.ca

2- Put http://www.stardoll.com
3- Log in
4- Wait a little and you will have it in your suite

- I like it, it's kind of vintage ,, How about you ?

Now about the Ramadan Calender update, here it is:

Today you can get an "Arabic Necklace" pretty lame (No offense).. I mean "Arabic" ? lol, I guess they just wanted to make it more Ramadan-ish XD! But you can't buy the gifts from the 2 previous days. Ahm .. That's it.

Bye Bye,


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Store Spoiler!

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, at identiTEE (the new store dedicated to slogan t-shirts) you’ll get the chance to wear yours on a TEE. As you can see, the store is T-less right now, but we’re told the grand opening is only days away and that the first batch of designs will rock your world. We can’t wait!
)Do you like what you see ?

Remember the book cover from the spoilers ? And how I said maybe we'll get it for free ??,

- Well! You will & a good way to get it is to do the following:-

1- Go to any US proxy like: http://www.webwarper.net

3- Log in

5- Enjoy!

- If you ask me,, Stardoll just took the original cover and resized it.. And I've got 2 words: Sloppy & Crappy!

Free Dog [Marmaduke]

If you ask me he kinda looks like the dog from "Hotel for dogs", pretty simple to get:

1- Go to any UK proxy such as: http://www.daveproxy.co.uk/

2- Put this in the adress bar: http://www.stardoll.com/en/cenima

3- Log in

4- Wait a little & you will have it in your suite!. :)

Free Alexander McQueen Dress

- Just answer the Survey Below from Stardoll & then it will take a few days to arrive..

XOX Sweetgirltalk

(Thanks to Stardoll's Most Wanted)

Ramadan's here!

Hello everyone!

- Happy Ramadan & may your fasting be accepted ;) ,,

Now, I'm quite happy with Stardoll for sending the massage and stuff like that.. what I also like is the advert or advent (Not sure) calender .. IDK if some of the items that are in it well be for free but all I know is that the first one is for 5 SD ( I knew by clicking on it) . .It's a cresent moon.

PS: I'll be keeping a daily up-date for the calender (As much as I can).

New Tribute!

Remember the spoilers from Yesterday ? Turns out they were for the collection of Herve Leger collection! Stardoll made a tribute & I guess they're ok,, but what do you think ??

To visit the store in SD just go here: http://www.stardoll.com/en/starplaza.php?startShopId=103

- What ? What's Herve Leger ?

Herve Leger, sometimes written as Hervé Léger, is a French Fashion house founded by the designer currently known as Hervé L. Leroux.

The only thing that ticks me off is that the model in the picture is .. XD-ish

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today's Spoilers

Hello Fab-Stardollers!. Here they are:

1- I think the window on the right is also for ramadan, and the view might be a mosque "Masjed" or "Beet al maqdes" ,, I'm not sure.. But the book might get us something for free (Remember the Million Dollar Mate items?)

2- The dresses are nice, well most of them. And the Shoes are just diffirent colors of one shoe ..

- These were the spoilers for today (^), what do you think ?

Free "Camp Rock" Logo!

Pretty Simple to get:

- Go to any UK proxy such as:

- Put
http://www.stardoll.com/en/cinema/ in the adress bar

- After Pressing enter, log in.

- Wait a
little and you will have it in your suite! ;)

PS:- If you know any free Stuff or Proxies then please leave them to me in the comments!

xox Sweetgirltalk

Monday, August 9, 2010

Free Bracelet & Necklace (SS only)

Yeah,, I know it's sucks too .. But as for lucky superstars like the picture says it's in the "New Section" Page 2 ;) Might be a glitch though so hurry up!.
xox Sweetgirltalk