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Monday, July 18, 2011


Hay hay hay, this is Sky back on stardoll, anyways got some good news, IM GETTING MY ACCOUNT BACK. yes and btw misskatewest is still on my account i am NOT selling my account to anyone if i sold my account i would of sold it to my friends. And plus if i got my account back i would of change my medoll, and LOG IN EVERYDAY like i miss stardoll, and i go to new games like Zwinky, adventure quest world, Girlsense, thosee are good games! and fun, before i go back to having fun in summer one more thing i have to say DONT TRUST ANYONE on stardoll , stardoll is so UN-SAFE dont trust people who says "FREE STARDOLLARS, FREE SUPPER STAR MEMBER SHIPS" no!!! the first thing you HAVE TO ask is give me the code and space it out, if they say " N O " they dont have the code! so yeah misskatewest is STILL ON MY ACCOUNT, see you on stardoll as soon as i get it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

free monte carlo items

The great thing is you can get it again!

if you are from Russia log in and click here

if not go to either of these proxies:


and paste in:

log in and wait for the page to load
once it has loaded log out and return to normal stardoll

free arabic necklace

just log in and click here
if it did not work then go to this proxy here
and paste in this link:

log in and paste:


Free Bald eagle

heya gals!
The endangered species are back!
This time its a...
to get this make sure your logged on stardoll and just click HERE