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Thursday, May 13, 2010

carry on .. :]

Hello!! You get it right ?

xD I'm looking for a good graphic designer on Photoshop since I need to make a new banner for the blog ,

Just tell me if you can do good poses and such , then I'll tell you in a massage what I need k ? :] You will be rewared (Hopefully)


  1. Hey :)
    My Stardoll username is Wild...Ina
    and i would like to make the banner
    can you add me as a friend on stardoll so you can tell me what would you want? thx :)

  2. Hi my name is Sunny aka Sam
    my stardoll is smiley_chickk
    can i be the new graphic designer?

  3. Hi my name is stephanie ierardo my stardoll usedr name is ierardo2010 and i would like to do the banner please be my friend and tell me what you are looking for on the banner.

  4. hii my stardoll user name is somey-1 i want to be a writer her

  5. hey; I'm pretty good with photoshop,
    my stardoll username is sweet.sugary;
    just message me what you would like if you decide to choose me to do the banner :)
    steph x

  6. http://sandrathehumaneatingfroggy.blogspot.com

    i;m a very good graphic designer, right now i'm working for a cafe i'm making some collages for them, if you want to see more.
    have a good day, sandra

  7. heyy sweetgirltalk remmber me....
    sharifa? lol
    bak 2 the point
    can i be this graphic designer ?