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Friday, February 11, 2011

Free Justib Bieber doll!

Lol, I think most of the girls I know are Justin Bieber fans, so they'll be thrilled to have him in their suites. xD. Anyways, if you're from the UK then you already have it in your suite. If you're not from the UK then follow these steps:
1- Go to any UK proxy such as: http://www.daveproxy.co.uk
2- Write: http://www.stardoll.com/en in the blank box
3- Press enter or click go
4- Log in
5- Wait a little
6- Log out
7- You will have it in your suite.

Enjoy! Are you guys going to his new 3D movie? :} Comment to tell us if you're a fan as well.


  1. EWWW I would kill myself instead of going to that movie or getting this doll.... All my friends love him but i am discusted

  2. Anyone with me for Billy Talent or Green day? We need real music!

  3. I agree!I hate him!!!!!!!!ewww!Green day ROCKS and also billy!