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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Nail Polish is Here!!!! Yay! :D

We've all been waiting for the nail polish to come out on stardoll! And guess what?! It's finally here! Not only is there nail polish...but there are also accessories for your hands! How cool is that? The nail polish shop is called "Polished" and the access. shop is called "Sprinkled" The Positive thing: they don't cost alot of stardollars. The Negative thing: they're only for superstars...:(  Hopefully, stardoll will sell something for non-ss. Check both collections out today! ;D

Here are some pics: :D

(Where to find it)

( Actual Nail Polish shop)


(Hand acess. shop)


(From a far...)
Doesn't show much detail :P

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