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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Application for new writers

Hey guys! Yes, I know that I took too long to write this, but bear with me. :) I now have a more active social life that I did before, maybe because alot has happened this year (death of loved ones, lower grades, etc.). I'm sorry and I know by fact that sorry won't do. But I just felt like saying, that I've missed writing in my blog and stuff. And as I can tell and all of you can, the writers haven't been doing a good job except one. So I'm currently looking for 3 new ones to replace them. So, if you feel like you can do the job then request me as a friend saying "Writer application" then after I accept send me a message with the answers and everything required.

1- Name (Username or real, your choice)
2- Age
Do you feel like you're a good writer?
2- Why do you want to work for Fab-Stardoll?
3- Is there anything that you'll do?
4- Will you be active and write?
5- Will you stick to the rules?
6- How often are you on Stardoll
After you answer these questions, write me a paragraph (5 lines maybe) about your favorite stardoll item/ or anything about stardoll but one subject.

Thankyou and my apologies,


  1. hi my real name is chaima and my user name is chamchoumma am 21 and i've been in stardoll for some years..i think i'm a good enough writer cuz for me writing needs 3 things: sens of humour, experience and especially knowledge!so since i've got them all then i can surelly write.
    i want to work on fab-stardoll cuz i have many ideas to offer and lots of informations to share and also cuz fab-stardoll will allow me to express my opinions along with other users's ideas..
    about what i intand to do i think it's what we all want to do in fab-stardoll and that's have more fun in stardoll and share better ideas and increaz the number of users as much as i can!
    yes i'll be active since am in university and i study 4 hours by day fo only 4 days a week!
    sticking by the rules is actually my priorety cuz that's something that i'd love that all users do in stardoll..and from driving and living all by my self i know for sure how to respect any rule at all :)
    am on stardoll every day ..doing all what i can to have fun..i'v been a super stardoll for a bit then my credit card expired..but once am a SS again i'll be there 24/24
    ABOUT STARDOLL: it's a way for me to be updated on the newest looks and the new stars,movies..i think stardoll made me in someway a fashionable person a stylish girl and gave me knowledge about many stars that i didn't even know before..it helped me find subjects to discuss with girls and there for i made new and great friends..shopping is much more fun now since i know what to pick and what to wear with.I love stardoll and all i can say is thanks STARDOLL

  2. Hey Im Kendall, my username on stardoll is ttutu00 and im 11. (I no pretty young, but I am great at writing!) haha I do feel like a good writer because everytime I get a paper back or my parents read my stories they will either start crying because they said it was so emotional or tell me that I have to share it with the other teachers!I want to work at Fab-Stardoll because I have ALWAYS wanted to work with a writing carreer because when it comes to writing I am creative anf ull of great ideas! Is there anything I will do? Well first of all, I would get my friends to come and read from your amazing blog and I would put my brain full of ideas to work by posting and posting and posting.... I will be activ and write because like I said a couple times now I LOVE TO WRITE! I would write atleast 10 posts a week! Also I go on stardoll everyday so I will have lots to talk about!I will also stick to the rules that this blog has!

    This is an example of my writing:

    Smoke swirled around in the air leaving a burning smell to follow its colorless shadow. The smoke swirled around my sister and me. I took a long breath, savoring this minute. I inhaled the sweet smell of it as I walked, letting my feet carry me to the scent. The campfire scent. Even though it was a little early to have a campfire I didn’t mind. Not one bit. I took a slow step then another, and another following my little sister as she ran ahead of me!

    Thanks for Reading!

  3. Hi my name is Sarah, and my username on stardoll is: 101twilight. I am 12.5, and I feel that if a certain subject is strong for me, in writing, then I tend to write very, very well. (So, Yes, I do think that I am a good writer, not to sound really self- absorbed, but, you did ask) I wish to work for Fabstardoll because I'm a creative writer, I am almost always on stardoll (mainly once or twice a day), and I am always up on the gossip about free things (I live in the US, but I even know about other free things only for another country) I will post daily (or as much as I can) free items, and describe what to do to get them.Yes, I will be active and write.I will stick to the rules (But you might have to tell me them first, because I don't really know them). As I explained before, I am on stardoll around once or twice a day for between 30 minutes to an hour.

    My favorite stardoll item was very hard to choose, but with the right desision, I chose it. I chose my Brazilion winter outfit, that I gott on stardoll, That was exclusivley given away as free in brazil. I got it oof of another blog spot place. It is a leopard print fur scarf, blue mittens, and funky hat. It looks really nice with a sweater and jeans, and would love for others to have it. I don't think that I'm going to get the job because I replied wicked late, but hey, it was worth the try.