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Friday, June 3, 2011

Jessicasays Trying to hack me!

Hello guys, i was on stardoll today, and well let me start it from here, i was talking to jessicasays and the second thing she said after i said " i didnt hack you!" said was:

Im going HACK your account.

 u wont know my pass its hard.

cuz u cant hakk the network like i can

 i didnt hack you!

 3 stepps ur account can be deleted

i dont like ur account its ugly!
i dont like ur account its ugly! no offence

(i didnt write this on my presentation AND the part SHE TOOK OFF!) 

i am going to write this on fab-stardoll. (So you know! so i wont look like im lying!)

 but i wont do it cuz when i was 13 i did no trouble nobody cared

 ur not 21!
 ur too inmature to be 21 ur 9 years old!
 and a 9 years old girl would say she is 21!
hah. (i laughed because it is true, and she is 9 years old btw.)

 after that i was like :Im not talking to your sorry ass because u think i hack you.

and THAT WAS IT. i didnt call her or white people "White H03s!".

And on her guestbook i wrote some things that to tell her i did NOT HACK HER LOOK:

 The first thing i asked on her GB was:
 Can u buy from my bazaar? oh and check fab-sd we can turn starcoins into stardollers now!

Her response:
 i know how but i changed my pasword so u cant hakk me cuz jenna said she diddnt

The second thing i said:
Um what? i wasn't going to hack you, and we dont need pass.(Oh btw i NEVER HAD HER PASS.) 

 Her response:
what ever but when is sombody gonna pick the winnings for fab stardoll
The third thing i said:
I dont even have ur password so how am i going to hack you! how are you going to ask me that when for 1.We never were online at the same time 2.I dont like ur account 3. i have my own 4. i would never hack someone in my HOLE life i did victoria pres!

Her response:
 i know but i just asked cuz it sounded different Jesse

The fourth thing i said:
So? you didnt tell me i couldn't be on your side!

Her response:
 Oh geese I always belevied u fine <-----SEE THAT? LOOK ON HER GUESTBOOK FAST! SHE MIGHT CLOSE IT!

The fifth thing i said:
Then yyy uuu assskkkk mmeee if i hack you!!!!!!

Her response:
because jenna said she diddnt 

Then the last two things i said on her GB was(she never answered them though): 
So? if Jenna didn't then she didn't! u dont have to ask me even though i said i was on ur side!

the second one: I didnt say that!!!!!! plzzz dont report me ppl i didnt say that about white people!!!!!!!!

That was what i said after I SAW HER PRESENTATION! 

please do not report me!.


  1. Hey i trust you i saw her presentation and she wrote the same as you we won't hack and i love this website

  2. Ummm are you offensive cause i can and will report u