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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Free imagine dress

Hi, heres how to get the free pink imagine dress. You have to find the pieces of it through uut stardoll and then click on them to get the dress. Here is where all the pieces are:
1) In the dolls and games page near the bottom of the page.
2) Where you style your medoll at the top left of the page.
3) On your album page under your comments.
4) In the help page under the button that says parents.
5) On your starbazaar page(Where YOU sell YOUR items)
6) In your guestbook on the bottom of the page.
If you clicked all of the dress pieces then the dress will be in your suite!Also, some people have said that they cant find the pieces, I didnt either until I tried it on


  1. Hi, i went to goproxing and found all the pieces except for 1, thats the one in starbazaar. it says that i have to download adobe flashplayer something, which i already have done, but it just doesnt work, whats the prob? can i do it any other way? that dress is so cute!! :)
    btw, love ur blogg<33

  2. i have the same problem! :( please help!

  3. where do you find the dress piece by the parent,help thing? Please reply by messaging me at my stardoll account!

  4. hey just wait you can find the last peace on your starbazar by selling !!!

  5. If you had trouble finding the on by the starbazzar you don't go there!! You click on My page,than you'll see the little categories that say stuff like scenery,album,friends,and guestbook CLICK ON SELL

  6. Help.I didn't find the pieces in meDoll editor.There it sais that "broadcast is loading" but it didn't load.Pls help me :(

  7. Where is the peice on the dolls and games page i cant find it

  8. plz help me! i cant find the one in starbaazar! it says that i need the flash player...but when i clik on link to download it it says that its the wrong address! help!

  9. hey i found it all! i have the dress!

  10. weres the pice of the dolls and games page i cant find it plzz help

  11. ugh thats dress is soo cute but it doesnt work on my computer. o well!

  12. ok i have it
    1)in your album at the bottom of the page
    2)in your guestbook at the bottom
    3)the page called dolls & games at the side at the bottom
    4)ur medoll iff u click on ur pick at the side a diffrent page comes and its at the bottom
    5)your starbazzar(doesnt matter if ur a supersat or not)where u would sell ur stuff iff u go to ur suite and click sell its at the bottom of the page
    6)iv fogot sorry but i have got it so cheak out my suite im called PrincessDubai xx thanks and btw(by the way) i love ur website :P