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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

OMG ! NON-SS can only buy things for 5 !

I'm confused/upset that stardoll had stopped the 1 dollar a day thing. Well, a girl e-mailed them about this and they said "The 1 Stardollar per day campaign is over. However, you can earn up to 5 Stardollars every day with Play & Earn!" I made sure to tell them that yes, I realize but now non-superstars cannot buy things over 5 dollars but they refused to reply back to that. So I just wanted to clear that up, that yes, the 1 dollar a day program is unfortunetley over :(!

From: Stardoll fanatic


  1. so yes ... I'm a non-ss
    and i'm really upset and angry i'mean ok i have got4$ less from this campagne
    but i mean for $5 you can't get much
    so i hope everybody who reades this vote my stardoll (it's SavannahVan) or my album or my scenerie
    so that i can get $25
    and my plan is that everybody how want that $1-campagne back write a mail to the stardoll team
    yeah... right just go to the bottom of the stardoll page to "information" and then "contact us"
    please everybody do it
    so that we get this back !!!

  2. yea, that's not good at all...
    unfortunately i thought that the 1sd/day thing won't stop and i spent all my stardollars...
    arrgh, it's not fair

  3. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog,


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  4. UGH!!! I'm so angry and depressed!! I'm a non-superstar!! This sucks so much! I really don't feel like wasting my own money on virtual stuff, which means I don't exactly want to be a superstar!!! Why?!? :(

  5. By the way I'm not the first anonymous I'm the second.. If any of you are curious of what my account is its celeb412.. :)

  6. im really bored and my name is beachluverx9

  7. That's awful...i'm really dissapointed and desperate...:((...it's so unfair....now i can buy things for only 5 stardollars...:((...

  8. i think the game thing is betta cuz u get more money OBVIOUSLY! but... u cant save it cuz u only have it for like a hr :( ugh stardoll is getin so weird i swear! but i still heart it :]

    - bettyboo825