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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The *NEW* spoilers brodcast!

Hello and welcome back, listeners,

Today we hold the most biggest collection of spoilers, well, some of them are already released, but we are really sorry, :] Anywayz, look at them here:- *Camera 1,2 and 3*

I'm not very intresed in knowing where are they from or where are they coming from XD, no comment -.-

I don't what these are for ,, but probably for the Spring thingy,, (In newer post)

These are spoilers , (DUH) XD which mostly veiw hotbuys and OLSENBOYE (Also newer post)

These are soo cute! Escpailly the kittens! ,, what do you think ?!

Some of this collection are cute! You can't deny that :]

Hope you have enjoyed the brodcast

1 comment:

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