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Friday, April 16, 2010

SEPHORA petition!

How ?!

To sign the petition, just click on the link below:
The petition

Why ?!

Read it in the link or just read it here:

We would like a simple basics makeup for non ss (black eyeliner & mascara, a clear gloss and a simple blusher)

We also would like sephora back for ss, since they LOVED sephora's colours


  1. Hey! I totally agree! Im so glad ur doing this and i hope we will get the makeup!!!

  2. I signed :)

  3. Hi u signed and i hope we get it ! we are so close to hiting the target! yay ! oh and add me on stardoll my name is cheryl_cole13

  4. i signed,i hope we get iz!! i love Sepohra