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Saturday, November 27, 2010

free allstar weekend shirt!(other things too)

its easy all you have to do is enter the contest and you'll get it in your suite! here's a pic
Click here. if you want to enter the contest! 

free 16 days ribbon Click here it will bring you to facebook ,you don't
to be logged in though 

free golden earings!
cute are they? here is how to get them, go to

in the url bar type in stardoll.com 
then log in 
scroll up and you will find the proxy's url bar clear what it says there nad enter this one
next , log out that proxy log in your regular stardoll it will be in your suite :D

thats it for today, 6282sky


  1. how come on the proxy there was no url bar at the top? can i use another proxy?

  2. can u post a something that you get for free but dont have to use proxys?