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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Free Playstation and tv

This one is coming from the UK.

You'll need a proxy, I used www.slygeek.com , just remember to watch for popups and do a virus scan. They're not always safe, you need to be careful :]

Type this into the box:


Then hit GO, and wait for it to load. Log in, and once you've done that type this is:


When that page loads, exit the proxy. It should be in a bag in your suite!

I actually might use this one, Playstation is really fun and it would be good for my suite for sure :]


  1. im from da uk but cnt get it

  2. i am from the uk and i got it but i got a dress not a playstation and a tv

  3. i didn't get anything!!! on my other stardoll account that i tryed this on i got a dress!!!
    btw love this blog because most of the codes and cheats work :)
    (sorry for my bad english im from sweden)