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Friday, December 17, 2010

free Rio Turquoise dress

longoria wore this dress for the oscars?! i think...
type in stardoll.com click idz or go
log into stardoll
now on the proxy's url put in this link:
click go wait til' the page loads and then leave the proxy it will be in your suite !


  1. how do you leave the proxy

  2. Oh, big whoop. One free thing??? I used to always go on this blog and get spoilers and free stuff. Now there is just banners and well... nothing else! I now go to Stardolls Most Wanted, because unlike you, they have all the free stuff. Pages of it! I suggest anyone reading this should leave and head to SMW. Because of going on this blog, I missed out on HUNDEREDS (literally)of free dresses, earings, interior, etc. Fab Stardoll, try harder.