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Saturday, December 25, 2010


Hey this is a thing i will be doing  on Saturdays ONLY it's a makeup session! and the doll is not mines Did it from scratch!, and i for got to put luxe lip gloss so just follow the steps!
  1. 1. grab your sunny bunny eye lashes and put them on!
  2. 2.put on your red orchid lip stick, IN THE CENTER not at the ends!
  3. 3. put your luxe lip gloss on!
  4. 4.put the white eye liner at the FRONT CORNER of your eyes!
  5. 5.take the black eye shadow and cover it up to your eye brows.
  6. 6.take your white eye shadow and put it under your eyes. and spray it over the black eye shadow to make it look gray a bit.  
  7. 7. last for not least put in your dot, mascara ! AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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