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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

free 100 stardallors!

omg omg!!! this is the BEST gift stardoll has given i got 108 stardallors idk why..anywho here is the link when you get there click the third one!! the one that says "100 free stardallers under 48 hours" !!! ATTENION :YOU HAVE TO BE LOGGED IN WITHIN THE 24 HOURS TO GET THEM YOU ALSO HAVE TO BE 50 STAR-POINTS OR UP TO RECEIVE THIS FREE STARDALLERS

if you can't get it by that link do this

  1.  to get this free stardallers go to this link 100milionSD
  2. click the one that says "100 free stardallers under 48 hours"
  3. then refresh or go to a other page , and there it is!!


    1. Ohh thank youuu :))) I agree this is the best gift stardoll has ever given!!! At first I thought it was one of those ss upgrade offers

    2. ...................... Uhm wat the hell it d0snt even w0r i tryed it and it just t00 me 2 the stard0ll c0ver and nfing b0ut gettin 100 stardall0rs s00 i think its all just a big lie!