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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

HMF Comes to Stardoll (Free Stuff Included!)

Most of you know the show Hannah Montana or Hannah Montana Forever. It is now sponsored in stardoll! I guess it’s just now sponsored on stardoll since Hannah Montana Forever is at its final season...So, stardoll was kind enough to give out free HM stuff! How awesome is that! You can get a free interactive t.v., a free dress (real dress that HM has been seen in), and a free microphone. Stardoll is being really nice giving out all of these freebies….don’t you think? Free stuff info bottom of pics...

Here is the link:
Free Dress/ Free Microphone           

Click the link and enter the contest. You just have to dress up Miley Cyrus. After you dress her up you'll notice TWO gift boxes in your suite. Enjoy your free gifts!

(2 gift boxes)

(Free Dress and microphone)

 (Miley Cyrus Wearing the free dress!)


  1. hey doesnt work.i cant see the contest

  2. do you have to be from a certain country cos i am from Australia and it didn't work

  3. natalaki m mia mera 8a s to stilw

  4. giati to ekanes re ifi??

  5. hey it didn't woooork

  6. it works for me why u guys doesnt u should search on google images "STARDOLL HANNAH MONTANA FOREVER DRESS" thats why it worked 4 me

  7. monica yournamehereJune 16, 2011 at 5:10 PM

    i got it and i didnt have 2 do anything, it just shwed up in my suit! :) yay!

  8. i don't got it