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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Free ANTM rainbow dress!

To get this very pretty dress just follow these steps:-

1. Log out of stardoll (VI step)

2. Look down:-

► For Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome →Press Ctrl + ▲shift + delete (Same time) All the boxes have to be checked in the Drop Down Button and select all days! (In Mozilla FireFox the boxes are in details!)

► For Internet ExplorerGo to Favorite > History > Then just click on each day and press deleteorTools > Internet options > General > "In the same page" Browsing history > Delete (Make sure everything is selected) , then click delete.

3. Put this manual proxy: IP: Port : 80 or IP: Port: 9090(works best right now)

4.After putting the manual proxy,, paste this in the bar above or just click on the link:Here's the link to paste: http://www.stardoll.com/en/cinema/?id=124 .

5. Wait for a while (Until it loads).

6. Log in.

7. Remove the manual proxy then watch the whole trailer.

8. It will be in your suite.
Thanks to Underneathstardoll


  1. it didnt work for me

  2. For me either help us yummi

  3. She's trying to find a good proxy. :)

  4. But Idk how to put a proxy to my mozilla the HOW TO PUT A PROXY picture doesn't work

  5. THIS DOESN'T WORK!!! =@

  6. it doesn't work
    but plz be sure to visit my blog on
    i need people commenting on it
    so maybe you can help me over

  7. it worked for mee :P i got 3 rainbow dresses

  8. hey can you add me on my account and try to help me with this? thanks for your time. my account name is:


  9. it doesnt work pleses can you get if for me if you can my stardoll name is fairyppp