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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Free Red-eyed tree frog

The March endangered spicie is in and it's : Red-eyed tree frog
(agalychnis calidryas)

To get it just go to the link below and then click adopt me:
The campaign

Here is a little about it:

Red-eyed tree frog is a strikingly colorful little nocturnal inhabitant of the rainforests of South America and Central America.

A tree dweller with huge, shockingly red eyes, bright neon green body, and red or orange feet.

The sides of the red eye tree frog are sky blue marked by brilliant yellow stripes, and its underbelly and legs are bright blue. As if all that color drama was not enough -- each toe pad on the red eye tree frog is a tiny suction cup and these creatures are excellent jumpers, living most of their lives in the trees.

The red eye tree frog is such a colorful cutie that it has become an iconic ambassador for the campaign to save the rainforests. Its habitat which is shrinking at an alarming rate.

Conservationists hope the dazzling red eye tree frog will remind people of the amazing creatures our rainforests hold, and the importance of preserving these wild habitats.

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