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Monday, August 16, 2010

MissWorld Stardoll ..BUT! Not exactly

:'/ Damn you stardoll! I mean .. You name it Miss Stardoll World but then not ALL of the countries compete ?!! Very Fair and Honest .. I'm steaming right now, but you don't know what I'm talking about so read this then tell me what you think in the comments:

We at the Official Stardoll Blog are pretty nosey by nature, so accumulating secret details about the upcoming Miss Stardoll World 2101 contest was no problemo! So via a source of whispers and candy bribes, here’s what we know so far…

Stardolls from any of the following countries will be able to compete. USA, UK, Poland, Ireland, France, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Netherlands, Turkey, Portugal, Finland, Russia, Spain, Greece, Saudi Arabia.
18 Stardolls from each of these countries will be hand-picked for the local finals to be held in October. We hear our judges are scouting for finalists already, so make sure your Suite is sweet and your MeDoll is dolled-up!
1 winner from each country will go through to the Miss Stardoll World Final at the end of the year.
Prizes have not been confirmed, but we’re hearing a 1 Year Superstar Membership for the overall winner, plus tons of SDs and glamorous outfits. Oh, and of course a majestic crown and sash!

We believe more information will be released at some point this week, so keep an eye on the blog and your message inboxes for news regarding Stardoll’s most bold and lavish contest ever.

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  1. Im betting tht the winner will already be a superstar, they always get tht!
    Howe will non superstars win if they dont have makeup?

  2. i agree that it isnt miss world if many countries cant enter.and about first comment-they should have made one miss for superstars and one for nonsuperstars.

  3. you can get in it and you can win im like you im from israel and thought the same like you i asked and they told me that i can be in it and i can win