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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Spoilers! ;)

Hiyo. .
- I hold in my Hard Disk the answer to all your predictions .. Whether they're true or not XD!
So, let's go ..

The first one we have are Spoilers .. But Special for me and many people, becuase obviously they're Ramadan Spoilers .. & for a lot of you who don't know what is Ramadan . It's a holy Month for Muslims to Fast till the Sun goes down & to pray and serve the lord ;)
PS: IDK why stardoll put freaky colors as the picture's backgrounds.

Here we have Camp Rock 2 Spoilers, I've tried using google translator to find out what language that is on the left side of the picture below, becuase with the bag it probably means there will be a trailer & then with a trailer .. There will be free stuff, so if you know what language it is please tell me, and so goes for the right side except it's english so my hopes go for either UK or US

Personally, I think these are the WORST SPOILERS EVER (WSE) for the clothes below,

So what do you think ?, leave a comment below .


  1. no cuz im a muslim

  2. Hi, maybe i can help
    I normally read 2 stardoll blogs, fab stardoll and stardoll insiders
    stardoll insiders has a comment explaining that she is mongoliann and it basically says 'Big Jam!'
    Hope this helps!
    Now go find us the 'how to' :D :D :D