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Friday, August 27, 2010

New "Stardoll" and the city shop + A "Shopping Pose"

A serious -_-'' about the shop's name .. XD Now here are my "Opinion Statics" .. (New thing :P)
1- Price: 40SD for a frekin' dress!! That's ridiculous! & the lowest item price & only non-ss items (As far as I can tell) is 5SD for the lime bracelet .. And besides, I don't think some of the items are worth it.

2- Items: If you're a series fanatic then you can say the items are pretty sweet, but if you're not (Like me) then some of you may say: What The Hell!! <>
Umm , I think I've said enough . How about YOU ? What do you think about the "Stardoll" and the city shop ??!

Now about the shopping pose.. Before you get excited it's for 4SD but for SS. Various colors that (To a point) matches the medoll's color .. To get them in your dressing room just click below:
Shopping Pose

(Thanks to USD)


  1. yo quiero la ropa de stadoll and the city pero ya no esta en StarPlaza quien tiene que quiera venderme :)

  2. mi cuenta de stardoll es -IssaMundunguns dejenme un comentario