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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2 more days!!

Yes, I know .. The same picture but read below!

Sorry for not posting enough.. School & that's the reason I need more writers ;] !
So anyway .. 2 more days till you find out who my new writers are!! I'm currently thinking about making it looking for 4 writers!! & if I get confused or busy I will absolutely post them on Friday because I'll be making banners and all that.. On Thursday, if you're one of the writers I chose, then you will be recieving a message from me ,, so if you applied then you should be my friend on stardoll so I can contact you! ;] Oh and with new writers come change so wait for it ;DD

To sign up go to the orignal post, read it and then post a comment:


  1. my stardoll name is panayiota_28
    can i am writer??
    i play stardoll every day and i search new codes for free things! :D
    i have free time for stardoll!!!
    thank you!
    i waiting yours news! :)

  2. hey i wanna become a writer too but do i have to know all those proxies and cheats n stuff to do it ?