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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Free Beauty and the beast items + 2 dresses and shoes.

- First:: The free items.
For people in the US just go to the cinema and then you will have it in your suite. If you're not then follow these steps:
^ Go to any US proxy such as:
http://www.jumboproxy.com/ or http://www.daveproxy.com/
^ Put this in the adress bar (For Jumboproxy it's the one a the bottom of the pages and says: Surf the web):
^ Log in
^ Wait for like.. 30 seconds and then you will have it in your suite!

- Second:: The dresses and shoes ..

The Yellow one costs 14 (Bought it) & the blue one costs 10, the shoes cost 4 & guess what ??? They're all for non-superstars!! Go to the following link and you will have them in your dressing room:
xox Sweetgirltalk

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