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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


^ I think the image is self explanatory. I want YOU to tell me what you think and what you want to be in the blog like maybe you're tired of the current layout and would like a new one.. Or maybe you want You to be featured! Tell me! I'm here to listen! BTW I'm going to make a couple of new things & I still want your opinion .
Leave a comment leave a comment with your stardoll username. To do that just click on the little box that is next to the "Comment as" choose weather you want your google account or not. If not then choose the one that says: Name/URL & put your stardoll name in the Name section and put your suite link (Optional)
xox Sweetgirltalk


  1. Yay first comment =]
    Well it would be cool if you featured like some different medolls or have like blogs featured.


  2. Nice idea, but like who models & which blogs ?

  3. Hi, Definitly Competitions! Like Maybe Autumn Style Outfit // Or A Story/ Poem Competition. And Then Instead Of You Choosing, Get Your Readers To Vote Their Favourite And You Vote Your Favourite And Then The Winners Receive Prizes Such As SS// Stardollars// Clothes// Gifts And Stuff Like That!
    With Love,
    ~ Alice

  4. Sorry, I Didn't See The Comment With Your Stardoll Username, I'm momijigal911 Or You Can Just Call Me Alice If You Want To, Of Course.
    ~ Alice

  5. Thanks Alice. I thought of about 15 competitions and you gave me 2 more. :D

  6. Hey, my stardoll account username is: dreamymisscutie

    I had something that you could add to your blog. Well, once i was trying to visit one of my friends on stardoll, but stardoll had a CRAZY glitch...

    I am trying to show you what happened with a pic, but it won't allow me to put a pic on comments.

    So I will describe it to you. What happened was, the chat and broadcasting bar had gone over top of the advertisement above, and the person's name that I was visiting, had her name right in the middle just above her suite!
    Maybe you could add this to your blog!
    If you need a pic for it, just visit my blog: dreamymisscutie.blogspot.com
    and it should be the first post on the first page!
    :) :)

  7. Visit my blog: dreamymisscutie.blogspot.com
    Please follow it because i have only started my blog and no one will visit or follow it!
    Can you please advertise it on your blog, because that would be FANTASTIC!

  8. there is a comp. that gives you a free VIOLE dress