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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New LE collection

Hello LE lovers!
The new LE collection is out, the title is NEON, so I will tell you the type of style for each floor (My opinion)

First floor of LE- Pink and ellegant (Thank god I got the hang of the rose dress with the black bow)

Second floor of LE- Blue and also ellegant

Third floor of LE- Purple stars madness!

Fourth floor or LE- Black ellegancy!


  1. i know!! i absolutely love it!!
    i bought a few stoff, but i could not afford too much :((

  2. lol shoes 100sd hahah

  3. Great :p, I bought 1 party dress and it costed me 200 SD! Ah well..

  4. well, i bought shoes, a bag and a top that mathes the shoes. and thats about all. cuz some stuff were amazing, but too expensive!