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Friday, December 4, 2009

Another new shop (UK ONLY) but don't worry.

So, My friend told me about this, she's from the UK, the shop is availabe to them but for us it's not, but it's ok cuz if you go on this Link it will take you to your dressing room (and everything from the shop will be there) in starplaza, then keep the items you want and buy them, (note that somethings are for superstar).

How did we do it?

(I just told her to take everything to her dressing room and then click on anything that will take her out of the starplaza, after that I told her to go back and the link was there becuase those were the things she was starting starplaza with :D)


  1. It works..totally!

  2. omg they're so cute! cant wait to get more money!