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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free Million Dollar Mates items

Well, they're the bags from the cover!, and super cute..
Anyway to get them just follow the steps, like the prom dress, and again .. If you don't know how to get it , I will get it for you without your passwords. Just Contact me Via Guestbook.

Follow these steps carefully:
- Log in
- Go to my Account (Under your medoll's picture)
- Click on my Account Settings
- Copy your Userid and put after the "U=" in this link:

- Scroll Down a bit, and then fill the box with fake info,
- It will redirect you into your suite and you will have it.


  1. hi could you help me because i don't understand it and for some reason i can't access guestbook my username is: DivaG987

  2. Hey, I've got it for you..
    & the reason you can't access guestbooks or your own is probably because you havn't confirmed your account maybe ?