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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Free TV

Remember that TV from the spoilers earlier ?, well IT IS free! To get it all you have to do is Follow these steps:

1.Log out from Stardoll

2. Delete all your History

3. Put the manual proxy as: port 80 or port 804

4. The go to http://www.stardoll.com/en/stardolltv/

5. Wait tell it loads (Patience my friends is KEY, so you have to wait)

6. Log in

7. Watch the video a little.

8. Remove the proxy and you will have it in your suite


  1. If, while you're at that video page, you press a "Simple" button, you'll be redirected to another video page. After you've watched that video, there'll be a Simple bag in your suite with a green mirror.

  2. didnt work :(

  3. didn't work proxy doesn't work why please tell me
    if you have twitter this is mine because i need alot of help pinkberry_nora

  4. i dont know to use ports of proxies

  5. you have the wrong URL which is star doll.com/en/TV yesterday star doll tv was on a advertisement and i clicked it then i looked up at the URL and there was a bunch of whole other things said in there