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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


What's up with all of the Tributes? Why are they all expensive? Why do they have to be all SS? Those are commonly asked questions that my friends ask me.
Here are some Answers:

1.As you know, Stardoll is all about fashion. It's tributing to the best fashion designers (in their opinion) for there hard work. Plus, some of the *Tributies* wear and design some of the stardoll clothes.

2.They are expensive because they want you to spend all of your Stardollars so you'll buy (with real money) another membership. They will make more money. (The business)

3.The Stardoll Creators want you to think that the clothes are *all that* when some of them aren't. That makes you, you, and him want to buy 'em up. And become and SS. To me, I'd rather spend my Stardollars on other clothes, such as Hot Buys and Cheap LE.


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