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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spoiler brodcast!!

Uhm Uhm .. Testing testing , Is this thing on ?! Yeah ?!

You're Live in 3 .. 3,2,1 GO!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Fab-Stardoll spoiler brodcast :)

Today we are going to spoil many things for you.. Let's start Shall we (Camera 1 to the TV)

I have no idea what stardoll's up to, but maybe they're new outfits for with the sign up dolls, and I just love some of the outfits,, Also 2 things pulled my attention: They're some hairstyles that were never on stardoll & that the dolls each one has diffirent Manicure on they're hands and feets.. I love some of the outfits! & the Heart Indicates that I do () .. My ultimate outfit 6 :) & my ultimate medoll(s) are 3 & 8 They're cute .. Tell me your faves: First medolls then Outfit

Again, I think it's the same idea here, and also the heart indinticates my liking,,
They are arragened according to style I think .. & Also the same thing is noticed with the hair styles .. Weird Huh ? & your job is to tell us your faves & why First about the Medolls then about the clothes..
These are spoilers from today, but they keep coming so this is not the full collection though.. Maybe for the Fifa World Cup ?

The horse is soo cute.. & That TV thing (Watch and get your very own TV for your suite), I think it's Generous, if it's a TV like the one on the AD...
Speaking about ADS.. What's up with Stardoll ? I hate those ADS!! GAH!

Well, that was all for our brodcast today, thanks for Listening
The blog to keep you entertained (Hopefully)

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