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Monday, October 18, 2010

free million dollar mates bags

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  1. 1) Once you’re logged into stardoll click on ‘my account’.
  2. Under account settings you will find your user ID. Copy this ID.
  3. 2) Now go to the following link:
  4. http://www.milliondollarmatesbooks.co.uk/stardoll?u=
  5. After the ‘=’ sign paste your user ID.
  6. For example: http://www.milliondollarmatesbooks.co.uk/stardoll?u=xxxxxxx (the x’s represent your user ID).
  7. 3) Once the page loads you will need to scroll down towards the bottom until you find this box.. you can either fill it out will real information or fake information. Then press subscribe.
  8. 4) If it worked you will be taken to your suite. You will find the bags there.
  9. -
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  1. yeah... very old...

  2. i couldnt get it:(

  3. Thanks!
    But I;m not going to do it because the bags aren't anything speical.