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Friday, October 15, 2010

new hotbuys puff dress

October Hot Buys are on the way!
Today on Stardoll there's a new Hot Buys peace.
The Hot Buys Puff Dress!
It's in "Pretty In Pink" store and it costs 15 stardollars.
As usually it's only for superstars.
i think its really cute and heres the real life of it:


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You like the stardoll version or the real version?


  1. I nearly love it...
    But theres just something about it that holds me back from buying it. Maybe it's too puffy?

  2. I just bought it for $2(!) dollars in the StarBaazar! Amazingly beautiful.

  3. i think its soooo cute. im bliss10 on stardoll btw plz visit