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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Free "G" outfit

Requires you to use a manual proxy ;D

If you're not,
Use a manual proxy such as: port 80
[go to tools ; options ; settings ;advanced ;network ;settings ; manual proxy
and type in the URL:
Now follow these steps:
1.Log into stardoll
2.Join the club
(Though you might have to wait for a long time since proxies are really slow)
3. The outfit will be in your suite ;D

If you actually buy the perfume,
And type in the barcode on the club homepage,
You unlock a Gift Interior :D


  1. I diden't undertsnad it help!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is NO HELP!!!!!!!!!!
    I dont have a manuel proxy thing and i really really really wanted this outfit, :( D: