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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Celeb412's first post! YAY!

Hello! My name is Mels (a.k.a celeb412 on stardoll), and I am a new blogger here! Sorry, that I haven't been posting any posts on here...I'm sort of new to "blogger", and was completely lost. :( Anyways, I hope I'll be able to blog a lot, and I'll see you "fab-stardoll fans" later! You could introduce yourselves and comment here so I get to know this blog's awesome readers! :D


  1. Hello Mels! I'm Destiny, one of the writers too :) Glad to see another writer for Fab-Stardoll!


  2. Hello Destiny! Glad to meet another writer too! Add me on stardoll! :D See you around! :D