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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Interview with our own Destiny9721 !!!

A is me and B is Destiny

A) When did you start stardoll?

B) Well..I started in 2007, but my accounts has been deleted because I forgot about stardoll, and haven't logged in a lot.

A) But how about the current account (Destiny9721) ?

B) My current account is from November 23rd 2009

A) Do you like Fab-stardoll ?

B) Oh,yes! I love it, I've always wanted to be a writter of it and i can't belive that i am now.

A) What is your real name?

B) Haha. It's Destiny.

I always use my real name for usernames

A) Do you have a nickname?

B) Well my nickname is Destänya it's spanish lol.

A) When were you born?

B) I was born the 28th of July 1993.

A) Where do you come from?

B) I come from Puerto Rico

A)Which city in Puerto Rico?

B) Well actully it should be what city i used to live in,because i needed to move to America. But I used to live in the city Humaco.

A) Which state do you live in America now?

B) I live in Florida now.

A) Do you like stardoll?

B) I love stardoll!

A) How many hours do you spend on stardoll?

B) To be honest actully I spend about 6 hours or more per day.

A) Have you ever been ss?

B) Yes many times.

A) Are you currently?

B) Yes I am

A) Do you buy stardollars when you run out?

B) Well not really, sometimes I do.

A) Do you have any advice for stardoll's out there?

B) Not really, my advice is mostly never give your password to any one.

A) Do you have anything to say?

B) Nope

A) Thanks for the interview! It was a great pleasure

B) Thanks for interviewing me!

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