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Sunday, October 17, 2010

What's that diamond at people's username? Heres the answer!

Okay so I see lots of You are wondering, and the post below v.v too.
So I'll tell You!
The diamonds mean that the user is apart of Stardoll Royalty! Stardoll Royalty is an elite club. It is also a private club, You cannot join it, and You cannot Leave it. Stardoll must invite You. It's for people who have been a superstar for a year, possibly in a row. And when You're not a superstar anymore, Stardoll Royalty kicks You out. So yeah, it's very unfair.

You can visit the club HERE, but You won't be able to join it, unless Stardoll has invited You.



  1. Is it called Royalty?

  2. I don't like this idea. I know Stardoll can not continue to run if they do not make money, and this is just like a bribe, but it's almost like Stardoll is trying to cause contreversy.
    First it was the superstars verse non superstars, and now it's royal members onto normal memebers. I don't think too many non SS members are going to be happy.